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History & Future

When the MCA was founded in 1918, its 50 members focused primarily on legal and claim issues as they related to the life and disability companies.

In the 50’s and 60’s the life insurance companies moved into the health area, which prompted the MCA to open its doors to health insurance, which gained prominence in the Association. The 60’s also brought additional membership i to the Association when the advent of self-funded plans gave rise to independent claims processing companies known as Third Party Administrators (TPA’s).

the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s brought more change to the industry with new legislation impacting the processing of life and health claims. These resulted in the development of companies involved in specialized claim support services, as well as the opportunity for the MCA to build the association with individuals from these organizations.

The Now

The New Millenium has brought the MCA technological advances allowing us to further support the Association. We developed a web site, providing the latest news and upcoming events for the MCA, as well as the Midwest Claim Conference. Maximizing the use of the internet, we now provide more information more quickly to our membership roster.

The MCA future strategy is to expand what can be offered to the industry providing better educational services and more opportunities for networking. We intend to develop close relationships with individuals and companies in this industry and provide them with learning and networking opportunities they can utilize to be successful.

The MCA membership roster includes many individuals from numerous insurance and support service companies. Over the past several years, the MCA has brought thousands of individuals together at educational and networking events donde comprar viagra. the MCA was developed by business leaders in the industry and thrives on participants that devote their time and effort to its mission.

One of the ways we are able to do this is by sponsoring the annual Midwest Claim Conference, which we started in 1969. Each year hundreds of professionals take advantage of the education and networking opportunities related to the claim industry.

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